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Have you considered writing an eBook?

In the past I used to write a lot of tutorials about things that I learned and that I thought others would be interested into too. I wrote them in my personal blog, later in medium and lately in

Lately I have been thinking about writing a longer guide and monetize it. But the fear of doing that and specifically about asking for money for it made me feel uneasy, given that many people in internet does it for free. :(

I follow a lot of people that creates content and monetize it their influence made me reconsider it. There is no shame in asking money for something that provides value.

The tipping point was @gumroad's #14DayProductChallenge. I was following their advise to #BuildInPublic this guide I have in mind.

While I was organizing my thoughts about what I wanted to write, I started learning about the eBook creation process and the tools that exist to generate information products. There is a vast amount of info and tools available that is is overwhelming after a while.

I started selecting and vetting the tools I wanted to use among all that I found. I started configuring my laptop to what I considered the best environment, for devs like me, to write an eBook.

And suddenly I realized: maybe the other people starting to write eBooks were going through the same as me, feeling frustrated by effort required even before starting writing what they wanted to write; wishing someone just come and show them what to pick and how to use it!

Maybe they, like me, also wanted someone to do the prerequisite effort so that they could just go and start writing their ebook content.

Right there I started to see an opportunity.

Maybe instead of my original eBook, I could create a guide to help other devs like me start writing their own eBooks without all the required research.

This was the perfect project for my first information product.

This is where I'm right now. I'm following the


challenge advise and forcing myself to finish it and publishing it to the world.

I am writing a guide to help developers to setup their environments for eBook writing

It is concise. It is clear. It is the result of days of research and vetting. It will save you hours of trial and error. You don't have to invest valuable hours doing what I already did.

You can start writing your book right away.

I created a pre-sale page on @gumroad for my eBook. It will be published on August, 24th.

You can pre-order it now!

I must say that I am super scared of this thing failing and learning nobody wants it, but, well, I won't know it unless I try it.

So, here I am, joining the #buildinpublic community and, if doesn't work, nobody is hurt (just my ego).

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